l3. Taller; hds. more numerous, in short, glomerate clusters, forming a dense, slender, interrupted rac. - Near the Willey House, White Mts.

13 S. virgata Mx. Glabrous, strict, virgate, tall, simply racemous at top; lvs. entire, thickish, oblong-lanceolate, and oblanceolate, rough edged, the lowest subserrate, petiolate; hds. about 15-flowered; rays 5 to 7 ; ach. pubescent.- Damp pine barrens, N. J. to Fla. St. 3 to 5f high. Lower lvs. 3 to 4' long, gradually reduced above to the bracts of the peduncles 3 or 4" in length. Rac. 6' to If long, composed of small clusters. Sept., Oct.

14 S. stricta Ait. Smooth; st. strict, erect, simple ; cauline lvs. lanceolate, very entire, rough-edged, radical lvs. serrate, very long; rac. paniculate, erect; ped. smooth; hds. about 10-flowered. - In wet woods, N. States. St. (and every other part) very smooth, about 2f high. Lvs. 2 to 4 to 8' by 1/4 to 1/2 to 1', lower attenuated at base into a long, winged petiole. Pan. terminal, close, composed of short, dense, appressed racemes. Aug.

15 S. speciosa Nutt. St. smooth, simple; lvs. lanceolate, entire, and scabrous, on the margin, thick, the radical and lower lvs., subserrate, very broad; rac. erect, numerous, forming a terminal, thyrs»id panicle; pedicels shorter than the invol, pubescent; rays larg2, 6 to 8. - Woods, Mass. to Ohio and Ga. A noble species,

' 2 to 6f high. St. stout, often purple, furrowed. Lvs. ample, some of them 6'by 3'. Hds. exceedingly numerous, about 15-flowered, with conspicuous rays of a rich yellow, in a large, showy, pyramidal panicle. Aug. - Oct

. erecta. Panicle slender, spieate. - With the other; merely a reduced form, (S. erecta DC.)

16 S. verna Curtis. Hoary pubescent; st. few-leaved, branched nearly naked, loosely pauicled ; lower lvs. finely serrate, ovate, veiny, on margined petioles, the upper lance-ovate or oblong, entire; scales lance-linear, smoothish; rays 10 to 12, disk fls. 16 to 20; ach. pubescent. - An early flowering Solidago, in pine barrens, N. Car. to Fla., rare. St. 2 to 3f high, erect or sometimes inclined and the racemes a little recurved. Lowest lvs. 3' by 2', 5-veined, the others partly 3-veined. May, Jn.

17 S. puberula Nutt Dusty puberulent simple strict; lvs. lanceolate, entire, attenuate at base, the lower oblanceolate, subserrate; pan. spicate, erect, dense but com pound; ped. pubescent; scales linear-lanceolate, acute; rays about 10. elongated; disk fls. about 13. - Woods, Me. to Ga. St. straight, purplish, 2 to 3f high, terminating in a long, thyrsoid spike of dense, appressed racemes. Lvs. very minutely pubescent both sides, the lowest on close, winged stalks. Hds. rather large, bright yellow. Aug. - Oct (Also S. pulverulenta Nutt)

18 S. sempervirens L. St. smooth; lvs. lanceolate, somewhat succulent, smooth, entire, and scabrous on the margin, subamplexicaul, obscurely 3-veined; rac. secund, paniculate; pedicels scabrous-pubescent; rays elongated 8 to 10, disk-fls. 15 to 20. - Marshes along the coast, and river banks, within the influence of the brackish water. St. 3 to 6f high, purplish, somewhat glaucous, with numerous long and narrow leaves. Hds. large. Rays showy. Sept. (S. lsevi-gata Ait.)

19 S. angustifolia Ell. St, smooth, strict, branched or simple ; lvs. lance-linear. thick, smooth, entire, sessile, short and erect, 1-veined, the lower lanceolate, tapering at base; pan. dense, erect, virgate; pedicels glabrous, slender; hds. small, 15 to 20-flowered; rays about 7. - Brackish swamps, S. Car. to Fla. and Tex. Sts. 2 to 4f high. Lvs. diminishing upwards, the highest subulate. Hds, very numerous, partly inclined to one side. Scales acute. Sept., Oct.

20 S. nemoralis Ait. Busty-subtomentous; lvs. roughish, acute, obscurely 3-veined, attenuate at base, sub-entire the lower petiolate; rac secund, paniculate; hds. small; rays 6 to 6, disk-fls. 5 to 7. - Dry fields and roadsides, Can. and U. S. A common, starved-looking species, with a grayish, dusty aspect Height 1 to 2f. Lvs. often fascicled in the axils. Hds. with conspicuous rays. Pan. dense, composed of many short racemes, inclining to one side, or often of a single, terminal recurved one. Again, the stem divides into branches, each bearing a panicle. Sept.

. Very slender, minutely puberulent, terminated by a slender spicato (recurved) panicle. - In woods. Lvs. as long as in S. caesia.

21 S. rupestris Raf. Smooth, slender; lvs. linear-lanceolate, attenuate at both ends, plainly 3-veined, entire, or the lower subserrulate; hds. small, about 15-flowered, in a simple, slender panicle; rays very short. - Ind., Ky., on river banks. St. 2 to 3f high, often branched Lvs. 2 to 3' long, vein3 whitish beneath. Aug., Sept Too near the next.

22 S. Missouriensis Nutt. Glabrous, low. simple, slender; lvs, lance-linear, tapering to each end, plainly 3-veined, very acute and rough-edged, lower ones with acute, slender serratures, radical, oblanceolate, petiolate; rac. small, in a dense, pyramidal, or somewhat corymbous pan.; ped. glabrous; scales with greenish tips; hds. small, 12 to 15-flowered. - A delicate species, 1 to 2f high, in dry prairies, I11. and Mo. Lvs.. smooth and shining, lower 3 to 4' by 3 to 5", the others gradually reduced upwards to minute bracts. Rays about 8. Jl., Aug.

23 S. serotina AVilld. St. round, striate, smooth; lvs. linear-lanceolate, acuminate, slightly serrate, obscurely 3-veined-, veins beneath pubescent; rac. secund, recurved, paniculate; ped, pubescent; hds. small, 15 to 20-flowered. - A smooth species in meadows and thickets, U. S. and Can. St 3 to 6f high, very smooth, often glaucous or purple. Lvs. 3 to 5 to 7' long, smooth; margin scabrous, upper entire. Fls. numerous, forming a more or less compact panicle, inclined at summit. Rays less than l" long. Sept.- Variable and scarcely distinct from the next.

24 S. gigantea Ait St smooth, striate; lis. lanceolate, serrate with sharp, spreading teeth, margins rough-ciliate, strongly 3-veined; rac. axillary and loosely panicled; branches pubescent; ped. and pedicels hairy; hds. 13 to 20 floweredprocera Ait.)