56. ACTINOM'ERIS, Nutt. (Gr.Suborders And Tribes Part 27 917 , a ray, Suborders And Tribes Part 27 918 , a part; partially radiate.) Heads many-flowered, ray flowers 4 to 14, rarely 0; involucre scales foliaccous, subequal, in 1 to 3 series ; receptacle conical or convex, chaffy; achenia compressed, flat, obovate, mostly winged, & awned. - Ц Plants tall, with 3 veined, serrate lvs. Hds. corymbous. Rays when present yellow

* Stem winged with the decurrent, alternate leaves...............

.Nos. 1 - 3

* Stem not at all winged, with mostly opposite leaves....


1 A. helianthoides Nutt. St. hirsute, winged except near the base; lvs. alternate, ovate-lanceolate, decurrent, acuminate, serrate, hirsute and scabrous ; corymb contracted; rays 6 - 14, long, irregular; scales erect. - In barrens and prairies, Western States. It is a rough plant, with the aspect of a Helianthus. Stem 2 - 4f high. Leaves 2 - 4' by 6 - 14", grayish. Rays 1' long.F ls. all yellow Jn., Jl. (Verbesina Mx.)

2 A. squarrosa Nutt. St. tall, winged, branching above, somewhat pubescent; lvs. alternate, often opposite, oblong-lanceolate, elongated, tapering to each acute or acuminate end, scabrous, decurrent; hds. small; scales spreading or reflexed; rays 4 - 8; regular, short; receptacle very small. - Dry, alluvial soils, W. N. Y. and W. States, common. An unsightly weed, 5 - 10f high. Leaves 6 - 14' by 1 - 3', sharply serrate, especially the lower. Rays 1/2' long. Fls. all yellow. Aug. -Oct. (Coreopsis alternifolia L.)

3 A. alba Torr. & Gr. St. narrowly winged, rarely wingless; lvs. glabrous but rough, narrowly lanceolate, acute at each end, finely serrate; scales lance-linear, few, in about 2 rows; rays none; ach. broadly winged, with 2 spreading awns; cor. white. - S. Car., Ga. to La., common in moist, rich soils. St. 4 to 6f high. Lvs. 5 to 8' long. Hds. in small corymbs, globular. Aug. - Oct. (A. squarrosa, . Nutt.)

4 A. nudicaulis Nutt. Rough, hairy; st. wingless, naked and branched above; lvs. oblong, unequally serrate, acute, closely sessile, the upper bract-like; hds. paniculate, corymbed; scales pubescent, in 2 or 3 rows; rays 7 to 12, linear; ach. broad-obovate, narrowly winged. - Ga. (Feay, Pond), Fla., Ala., in sandy soil. St. 2 to 3f high. Lvs. 2 to 3' long. Ach. 1" long. Awns erect. Fls. all yellow. Rays 1 to 11/2' long. Sept., Oct

57. COREOP'SIS, L. Tick-Seed. (Gr.Suborders And Tribes Part 28 919 , a bug, Suborders And Tribes Part 28 920 , appearance ; from the concavo-convex, 2-horned achenia.) Heads many-flowered, radiate, rays about 8, rarely 0; involucre double, each 6 to 12-leaved; receptacle chaffy; achenia obcompressed, cmarginate, each commonly with a 2-toothcd, upwardly hispid pappus, sometimes with none. - Lvs. mostly opposite. Rays usually yellow ; disk fls. yellow or dark purple.

§ Corollas of the disk dark purple, (a)

a Ray flowers yellow with a purple base. Achenia incurved...


a Ray flowers wholly yellow. Achenia not incurved, 2-awned.. .

Nos. 3 - 5

§ Corollas of the disk yellow. Rays rose- colored. Leaves simple.....

..Nos 6,7

J Corollas of the disk and ray all yellow (disk brownish in No. 9). (b)

b Leaves sessile, divided often so as to appear verticillate.............

.Nos. 8- 11

b Leaves petiolate, never serrate, - pinnate with lance-linear segments

.Nos. 12,13

-simple, or rarely auricled below...

Nos. 14 - 15

b Leaves petiolate, serrated. - simple ; achenia awns obsolete.........

Nos. 16 - 17

-compound.- Rays about 8..............

Nos. 18 - 20

- Rays wanting....

.....No. 21

1 C. Drummondii Torr. & Gr. Pubescent; lvs. pinnately divided, sometimes simple, segments (or leaves) oval, entire; scales lanceolate-acuminate; rays unequally 5-toothed, twice longer than the invol.; ach. obovate, incurved, scarcely toothed. - (1) From Texas. St. 10 to 20' high. Rays large, yellow, with a purple spot,at base,† (Calliopsis, Don.)

. atrosanguinea. A garden variety with dark orange fls. †

2 C. tinctoria Nutt. Glabrous; Ivs. alternate, radical ones subbipinnate, lfts. oblong-linear, entire, smooth, cauline subpinnate, lfts. linear; rays 3-lobed at the apex, ach. wingless, toothless. - A handsome border annual, native of the upper Missouri. St. 1 to 3f high, with light, smooth foliage. Hds, with yellow rays, beautifully colored with purple at their base. Flowering all summer. † (Calliop-sis DC.)

3 C. gradiata Walt. Glabrous; st. terete, Ivs. thickish, alternate, some of them

ternately divided, the lower lauce-oblong, long-tapering to a clasping petiole, upper lance-linear, acute; outer scales lance-ovate; ach. fringed with 2 slender awns.- Moist soils in barrens, N. Car. to Fla. St. 2 to 3f high, slender. Lids, several, corymbed; rays 3-toothed at the dilated apex, yellow; disk purple. Aug., Sept.

4 C. angustifolia Ait. Glabrous; st. square; Ivs. opposite, sometimes the lower alternate, undivided, the lower spatulate, long-petiolate, upper linear, spatulate, obtuse ; outer scales ovate, obtuse; ach. wing-fringed, the 2 awns very short. - Moist soils, in barrens, N. Car. to Fla. and La. S-ts. slender, 2f high. Hds. several, corymbed, with the rays 3-lobed at the dilated summit Jn. - Sept.

5 C. CEmleri Ell. Glabrous; st. angular above; Ivs. opposite, or the lower alternate, lance-ovate, narrowed to a clasping petiole, upper lanceolate; outer scales oblong, obtuse ; ach. margined, ciliate, the 2 awns very short. - W. Ga. and Fla., near the Chattahoochee. Sts. 2f high. Lvs. rather thick, entire, the upper always opposite. Jl., Aug.

6 C. nudata Nutt. Glabrous, very slender; lvs. few, terete, rush-like, alternate, the lower very long; hds. few; outer scales very short, obtuse, inner ovate, acutish; rays wedge-obovate, unequally crenate-lobed. -Ц A curious species, in shady swamps, Ga. and Fla., near Savannah to St. Mary's and Apalachicola. Sts. 2 to 3f high. Lvs. 1 to 10' long. Rays somewhat fan-shaped, rose-purple, spreading 20". Apr. - Jn.

7 C. rosea Nutt. St. branched; lvs. opposite, 1-veined, linear, entire, ped. short; outer scales very short; rays oblong, obscurely tridentate. - Ц A very delicate species in wet grounds, Mass. (Dr. Robbins), to N. J. St slender, erect, 8 to 16' high. Lvs. 1 to 2' long, scarcely 1" wide, clothing the stem. Hds. few, small. Rays rose-color, varying to white. Disk light yellow. Jl., Aug.

8 C. senifolia Mx. Minutely downy or glabrous; lvs. opposite, ternate, sessile, appearing in whorls of 6; lfts. ovate-lanceolate, sessile, acute, thick; scales downy, obtuse; rays oval-oblong, entire. - Sandy soils, Va., Ky. to Ga., common. St. 1 to 2f high, angular, strict, slender. Rays bright yellow, 1' long. Corollas of the disk yellow. Jl, Aug.

. stellata. Lfls. lance-linear, and even linear, mostly glabrous. - Ky. and Tenn. Lvs. 2 to 3' long. (C. stellata Nutt)

9 C. delphinifolia Lam. Glabrous; lvs. opposite, sessile, divided into lfts. which are each again 2 to 5-parted, segm. linear, entire, acute; disk corollas brown at summit; outer scales linear, inner ovate, all obtuse; rays acute. - Barrens, Va. to Fla. and Ala. St. 1 to 2f high. Lfts. 1 to 2' long, 1 to 3" broad. Hds. small. Aug.