1 G. lanceolata Mx. Pubescent; lvs. lanceolate or linear, sessile, the lower petiolate; scales as long as the disk; disk-Ms. with long, subulate, pubescent teeth; receptacle smooth, (not fimbrillate!). - (2) Barrens, S. Car. to Fla. and Tex. St. 1 to 2f high, slender, ending in long, naked flower-stalks. Lvs. 1 to 3' long, rather oblong. Scales and disk purple. Rays yellow. May - Aug.

2 G. pulchella Fouger, Pubescent; lvs lanceolate, the lower sbort-petioled, toothed or incised, upper subclasping; scales very hairy, longer than the disk; disk corollas with subulate teeth; receptacle fimbrillate, with slender awns. - (1) La., Tex, and in gardens. St. branching. Hds. 1 to 1 1/2' diam. Rays 10 to 12, violet-purple, with yellow teeth.

63. POLYP"TERIS, Nutt. (Gr.Suborders And Tribes Part 31 924 , many, Suborders And Tribes Part 31 925 , a wing; from the feather-like pappus.) Heads discoid; flowers all perfect, tubular and similar; scales flat, scarious, in 2 or 3 series, appresscd ; receptacle naked; achenia 4-angled, slender at base; pappus of 6 to 12 membranous, pinnately striate scales. - Lvs. scattered, lanceolate. Fls. cyanic. (Palafoxia, T. & G.)

P. integrifolia Nutt. Rough; St. corymbons above; lvs. linear-lanceolate, entire; outer scales loose, acute, inner obtuse; pappus of 8 to 10 acuminate squamae with fringed or plumed edges. - Barrens, S. W. Ga. and Mid. Fla. Sts. 3 to 5f high, bearing the large, purplish heads in a level-topped corymb. Aug. - Oct

64. HYMENOPAP'PUS, L'Her. (Gr.Suborders And Tribes Part 31 926 ,membrane, Suborders And Tribes Part 31 927 ,pap-pus ; from the character.) Heads many-flowered ; flowers all perfect, tubular; scales 0 to 12, in 2 series, oval, obtuse, membranaceous, colored; receptacle small, naked ; anthers exserted ; achenia broad at the summit, attenuate to the base ; pappus of many short, obtuse, membranous scales in one series. - (2) or Ц North American, villous herbs. St. grooved and angled. Lvs. alternate, pinnately divided.

H. scabiosaeus L'Her. Hoary-villus, or nearly glabrous; lvs. pinnately or bi pinnately parted, segments linear or oblong, entire or sparingly toothed; hds. in simple corymbs; scales obovate, 7 - 11, white, greenish at base, undulate on the margin, longer than the disk; cor. deeply lobed; ach. pubescent. - I11. to Fla. Stem 1 - 2f high, whitish with soft cotton when young, at length purplish and glabrous. Segments 1 - 1 1/2' by 1 - 2 ', rather acute. Hds. whitish, about 21-flowered. Apr., May. (South.) - Aug.

65. HELE'NIUM, L. American Sneezewort. (Named for the celebrated Helen, who is said to have availed herself of its cosmetic properties ) Involucre double, the outer of leafy, narrow scales, the inner chaffy ; ray pistillate ; pappus of five, one-awned, chaffy leaves ; receptacle globous, naked in the disk, and chaffy in the ray only ray flowers half 3-cleft; seed villous. - Lvs. alternate, decurrent. Rays yellow.

§ Disk globular, its florets with a 5-toothed coroila....

..Nos.1 - 3

§ Disk oblong , its florets with a 4-toothed corolla......


1 H. autumnale L. Lvs. lanceolate, serrate, smooth or slightly pubescent, de-current; fls. loosely corymbous. - Ц In damp places. St. 2 to 3f high, branching strongly, winged by the decurrent lvs. Lvs. tapering to each end, or elliptic-lanceolate, more or less deeply serrate. Fls. large, numerous, terminal, with drooping rays, each ending in 3 obtuse teeth, and longer than the large, globous disk. The plant is very bitter. Aug.

. canaliculatum. Rays concave, canaliculato or 3-furrowed. (U. canalicu-latum Lam.)

2 H. parvifldrum Nutt. Lvs. lanceolate, subeniire, smooth, scarcely decurrent; hds. solitary, or in small, scattered clusters. - Ga. (Nuttall.) Heads about half as large as in No. 1. Disk globous, longer than the filiform scales. Rays flat. Pappus scales awned, half as long as the corolla. Ach. smooth.

3 H. tenuifolium Nutt. Smoothish; branches numerous, fastigiate, very leafy; lvs. linear or filiform, entire, fascicled; scales subulate; disk globous. - Fields, waysides, Ga. (Feay, Pond) to La. St 1 to 2f high, naked and woody below, branches upright Lvs. 1 to 2' long. Hds. 4 or 5" diam. Rays about 12, spreading 9 or 10". Apr. - Nov. 4 H. quadridentatum Labill. Smoothish, much branched; lvs. oblong, sparingly lobed or toothed, the highest lanceolate, entire; disk oblong, longer than the rays; pappus scales obtuse. - Swamps, Miss., La. to Ark. St. 1 to 3f high, with solitary, terminal, small hds. Lvs. about 4-toolhed or lobed. Disk fls. 4-toothed. Jn. - Aug.

66. LEPTOP'ODA, Nutt. (Gr.Suborders And Tribes Part 31 928 , Blender, Suborders And Tribes Part 31 929 , foot; alluding to the elongated peduncles.) Heads many-flowered ; rays neutral, cune-ate, 3 - 4 cleft; disk ; scales spreading, numerous, attenuate; receptacle conical; chaff 0; pappus of 6 - 10-fringed squamae. - Ц North American herbs, with the habit of Helenium.

§ Heads corymbed, on short peduncles, Pasppus cusidate-awned....


§ Head solitary, on a long peduncle. Pappusawnless. - Aclienia glabrous....


- Achenia hairy.....

..Nos. 4,5

1 L. brachypoda Torn & Gr. St. leafy, corymbous at summit; lw. decurrent, lanceolate, subentire, the lower toothed, obtuse; hds, on short peduncles; scales lance-linear, about half as long as the 8 - 12 drooping rays : disk brownish-purple. -Separated from Helenium only on account of its sterile rays. In damp soil, from Southern 111. to Tex. and S. States. Stem about 2f high. Heads several or numerous. Rays broadest at summit, rather deeply and irregularly toothed, 7 - 9" by 4 - 5". (Helenium quadridentatum Hook.)

2 L. Helenium Nutt. Smooth ; lvs. lanceolate or lance-linear, entire or remotely denticulate, mostly slightly decurrent, the lowest tapering to a petiole; pappus awnless, lacerated; ach. glabrous; rays 20 or more in one row. - Moist soils, S. Car. to Fla. and La. About 2f high, leafy below, ending in a long, naked stalk, bearing one hd. Lvs. 3 to 6' loug. Disk 5 to 8" broad. Mar., Apr.