2 A. Absinthium L. Common Wormwood. Lvs. multifld, clothed with short, silky pubescence, loth sides; segments lanceolate; hds hemisperical, drooping; receptacle hairy. - Ц Growing among rubbish, rocks, and by roadsides, N. Eng., Can. Stems angular, branched, with erect racemes of nodding, yellow flowers. The whole plant is proverbially bitter, and of powerful medicinal qualities as a tonic, stomachic, etc. § Eur.

3 A Ludoviciana Nutt. Canescently tomentous all over; lvs. lanceolate, lower incisely and remotely serrate or subpinnatifid, upper entire; hds. ovoid, subses-sile, arranged in a simple, slender, leafy panicle. - Ц Lake and river shores, Mich. to Mo. W. to Oreg. Stem 2 - 5f high, simple or branched. Leaves quite variable in size and also in pubesconce, sometimes nearly smooth. Heads small and crowded.

4 A. vulgaris L. Mugwort. Lvs. canescent-tomentous beneath, cauline ones pin-natifid, segm. lanceolate, acute, subdontate, floral ones entire, linear-lanceolate; hds. erect, ovoid, subsessile; invol. tomentous. - Ц Fields, roadsides, banks of streams, etc., Vt., N. H. St. 2 to 3f high, branching into a panicle of spicate racemes. Lvs. very variable, but never attenuated to linear, now obtuse, now acute, from the same locality (Hanover, N. H. Ricard.) Hds. faw-iiowered, purplish. 5 A. biennis Willd. Plant erect, smooth; lvs. bipinnately parted, upper ones pinnatifid, all with linear, acute, and mostly incised lobes; hds, sessile, arranged in a close, narrow, leafy panicle of short spikes. - (2) Western States and northward. Also eastward to the Hudson R. (Mr. C. B. Gerard.)

6 A. Abrotanum L. Southernwood. St. erect; lower lvs. bipinnate; upper ones capillary, pinnate; invol. downy, hemispherical. - Ц A well known shrubby plant in gardens, about 3f high. Lsaves alternate, much divided into very narrow, linear segments. Flowers numerous, nodding, yellow. Native of S. Europe.‡

7 A. borealis Pallas. Caespitous, silky-villous or smoothish; st. simple; lower lvs. pstiolate, linear-lanceolate, entire towards the base, ternately, pinnately, or bipinnately parted above, with linear lobes, upper linear, 3 to 5-cleft or entire; hds, hemispherical, spicate or racemous-paniculatc. -Ц Keweena Pt., Lake Superior (Houghton, in N. Am. Fl.) St 6 to 10' high.

8 A. Canadensis Mx. Sea Wormwood. St. erect or decumbent; lvs. pinnatifid with linear segments; fls. subglobous, sessile, in a panicle of racemes. - Ц Rivers and lake shores, N. Eng. and Can. Shores of the great lakes. St. 2 to 4f high, much branched, sulcate, brownish, mostly erect. Hds. 2" diam., numerous, forming a large panicle of racemes. Scales with a membranous margin. Aug.

9 A. caudata Mx. Glabrous, simple, densely paniculate; lvs. bipinnately divided, upper pinnate, segm. filiform or setaceous, alternate; hds. ovoid-globous, pedicellate, erect. - (2) On the sea-coast, N.H. to Ga. St. 3 to Of high, strict. Lvs. in many thread-like and somewhat fleshy segm.; hds. l 1/2" diam., in a strict, dense panicle. Outer scales ovate, inner scarious, elliptical. Aug., Sept.

77. S0LI'VA Ruiz. & Pav. (To Salvator Soliva, a Spanish botanist and physician.) Involucre of 5 to 10 to 15 scales in one row; receptacle flat, naked ; fertile flowers in several rows, apetalous♀fls. few, interior, with a 3 to 5-toothcd corolla ; achenia obcompressed, tipped with the persistent style and no pappus. - Little depressed herbs with pinnately divided lvs. and sessile hds.

S. nasturtiifolia DC. Plant very small, minutely pubescent; lvs. pinnately 5 to 9-parted, lobes oblong, obtuse; scales 10 to 15 ; ach. obconie, rugous, crowned with a dense tuft of wool instead of pappus. - S. Car., Ga., near the coast, banks of the Ogocchee, growing with Sencbiera. Plant flat on the ground, forming a dense mat Lvs. 6 to 10" long, lobes 1". Hds. disproportionately largo (2 to 3" broad), axillary depressed. Ach. wrinkled transversely. Mar., Apr.

78. GNAPHA'LUM, L. Cudweed. Everlasting. (Gr.Suborders And Tribes Part 34 934 cotton or wool; from the soft, cottony surface of the herbage.) Heads discoid, heterogamous; involucre imbricate with scarious, colored scales; marginal flowers subulate, pistillate, mostly in several rows; central flowers Suborders And Tribes Part 34 935 ; receptacle flat, naked ; pappus a single row of scabrous, hair-like bristles. - Herbs generally clothed with whitish wool. Lvs. alternate, entire.

* Heads in terminal corymbous clusters.............

..Nos.1 - 3

* Heads in axillary , somewhat spicate clusters...........

..Nos. 4 - 5

1 Q. decurrens Ives. Lvs. decurrent, linear-lanceolate, very acute, naked above, white and woolly beneath, fls. in dense, roundish, terminal clusters. - Ц. A stout species, covered with a dense, hoary pubescence, it grows in hilly pastures, etc, N. H. Vt to N. J. Stem 2f high, with scattered leaves and spreading branches.

Leaves on the upper side green, scabrous and viscid. Scales whitish, with yek low corollas. Aug.

2 G. polycephalum Mx. Erect; lvs. sessile, linear-lanceolate, acute, scabrous above, whitish tomentous beneath, as well as the paniculate stem; hds. capitate, corymbous; scales ovate-lanceolate, acute. - (1) Common in fields, etc, Can. and U. S. It is distinguishable by its strong, agreeable odor, and its brownish color. Stem 1 - 2f high, whitish, with a cottony down, much branched. Hds. much larger than in the next. Involucre with whitish scales and yellow flowers. Aug.

3 G. uliginosum L. Cudweed. St diffusely branched, woolly; Ivs. sessile, linear-lanceolate; hds. small (1" wide) in terminal, crowded, leafy clusters; scales obtuse, yellowish or brownish; ach. smooth. - (1) A small, spreading plant, clothed with whitish down, common in sandy places where water occasionally stands, N., Mid. and W. States. Stem 4 - 6' high. Leaves numerous, acute, narrowed at the base. Scales of the involucre oblong, obtuse, yellowish. Aug.