3 E. pinnatifidum Ell. Pubescent; lvs. laciniate-pinnatifid, segm. linear, toothed or entire, the lower whorled in 4s, middle opposite, upper alternate; hds. small, numerous, 5 to 9-flowered, in a fastigiate corymb; scales oblong, mucronate.- Pine barrens, Car. to Fla. Height 3 to 4f. Hds. about the size of No. 2, to which this species is evidently related.

4 E. ivaefclium L. St. terete, branched; lvs. opposite, lanceolate, tapering to each end, subsessile, subserrate, 3-veined; hds. pedicellate, 15 to 20-flowered; scales 20, imbricated, the outer gradually shorter, all erect, obtuse, with 3 to 5 distinct stria. - Woods, near N. Orleans. Herb 3 to 5f high. Lvs. 2 to 3' long. Florets light blue, in a few large, corymbed hds. Aug., Sept.

5 E. purpureum L. (not of Willd., Ph., nor DC.) St. solid, green, or sometimes purplish, with a purple band at the joints about 1' wide; lvs. feather-veined, in whorls of 3s, 4s and 5s (rarely in 2s), ovate, smooth above, downy on the veins beneath, coarsely serrate. - Dry woods and meadows, common. St. 3 to 6f high. Lvs. large, thin, 8 to 10' by 4 to 5'. Corymb lax, pale purple, varying to whitish. Aug., Sept. (E. trifoliatum Darl.)

. ternifolium. St. solid, slender, green, with a purple blush; lvs. in 3s, very thin, lanceolate. - Mountain woods, etc. Height about 3f.

6 E. maculatum L. Purple Boneset. St. solid, striate, hispid or pubescent, greenish and purple, with numerous glands and purple lines, the glands on the stems and leaves give out an acrid effluvium in flowering time; lvs. tripli-veined, 3 to 5 in a whorl, ovate. - Low grounds, U. S. and Can. Herb 4 to 6f high. Lvs. petiolate, 6 to 1' by 3 to 4', usually pointed, strongly serrate. Fls. purple. JL Sept. (E. purpureum . Darl.)

. urticifolium Barratt. Slender; lvs. thin, much elongated, - height 4 to 5f.

7 E. fistulosum Barratt Trumpet "Weed. St. fistulous, glabrous, glaucous-purple, striate or fluted; lvs. oblong-lanceolate, in whorls of 5s or 6s, largest in the middle of the stem, rather finely glandular serrate, midvein and veinlets livid-purple ; corymb globous, with whorled peduncles. - A majestic herb, thickets, U. S. and Can. Height 6 to l0f, hollow its whole length. Lvs. including the 1' petioles, 8' by 2'. Corymb often If diam. It does not appear to posses the acrid properties of E. maculatum. Jl. - Sept. (E. purpureum Willd. in part . an-gustifolium T. & Gr.) - Intermediate forms occur, rendering tho distinctions of this species and the two preceding numbers a grave question.

8 E. album L. Scabrous-pubescent; lvs. oblong-lanceolate, strongly serrate, sessile, rather acute, obscurely 3-veined; corymb fastigiate; hds. clustered, oblong, 5-flowered; scales 8 to 14, lance-linear, tipped with a white, scarious acumination, longer than the fls.; cyps. glandular. - Sandy soils, Penn. to La. St. about 2f high, corymbously divided above. Lvs. 2 to 3' by 1/2 to 1', upper one3 entire and alternate. Invol. concealing tho fls., and with them copiously sprinkled with resinous dots, whitish. Aug. - Oct. (E. glandulosum Mx.) - A variety has the leaves rather obtuse and crenate. (Tenn.)

9 E. leucolepis Torr. & Gr. Nearly glabrous; st. simple; lvs. linear-lanceolate, obtuse, closely sessile, serrate, lower ones obscurely tripli-veined; corymb fasti-giate, canescent; hds. 5-flowered; scales 8 to 10, scarious and white at the summit, as long as the fls. - Sandy fields, N. J. to La. St. 2 to 3f high. Lvs. 1 1/2 to to 21/2' by 1/4 to 3/4', glaucous-green both sides, divaricate with the stems, upper ones linear and entire. Cor. dilated at mouth, with short, obtuse lobes, white. Aug.- Oct. (E. glaucescens . leucolepis DC.)

10 E. hyssopifolium L. Lvs. opppsite, often verticillate, linear-lanceolate, obscurely tripli-veined. punctate, lower ones subserrate, upper ones entire; scales short, oval, grayish pubescent, very obtuse. - A more delicate species, smooth, or minutely pubescent, in dry fields, Mass. to Iowa and La. St. about 2f high, brandling into a spreading corymb. Hds. 5-flowered, very small, in dense clusters, and 3" long, scales half as long. Aug., Sept. . linearifolium is more pubescent, with the lower lvs. serrate. - South.

11 E. cuneifolium Willd. Pubescent; lvs. small, glaucous both sides, broadly oblanceolale or oblong, obtuse at apex, acute at the subsessile base, slightly serrate above the middle; hds. small, in a loose corymb, 5-flowered; scales (2'long) soft-villous, obtuse, much shorter than the fls. - Rich shady soils, S. Car., Ga. to Ala. St. 1 to 2f high. Lvs. 8 to 18" long. Fls. white. Aug., Sept.

12 E. parviflorum Ell. Soft-puberulent, diffusely branched; lvs. mostly opposite (in 3s below), lanceolate, acute, acutely serrate above the middle, entire below, and tapering to the sessile base. 3-veined; hds. small and crowded; scales pubescent, glandular (like the 3 preceding), outer very short, inner linear, obtuse.- Low grounds, Va. to Fla. and La. Height 1 to 3f. Pan. compound, loose. Lvs. 1 to 3' long, the upper scattered. Hds. about 2' long, scales 11/2". Aug. - Oct.

13 E. altissimum L. St. pubescent tomentous, tall, corymbous at the summit; lvs. lanceolate, remotely and acutely serrate above the middle, pubescent, tapering to each end, subsessile, conspicuously 3-veined; hds. 5-flowered; scales 8 to 12, elliptical, obtuse, pubescent. - Woods and sandy soils, Penn. and W. States (Plum-mer). St. round, striate, 3 to 7f high. Lvs. 3 to 4' long, much resembling those of Solidago Canadensis; small ones often fascicled in the axils. Corymb compound. Cor. whitish, nearly twice as long (5") as the scales. Sept., Oct. (Kuhnia glutinosa DC.)

14 E. teucrifdlium Willd. Lvs. opposite, sessile, ovate, rough, veiny, the lower ones doubly serrate, upper ones subserrate or entire; st. paniculate, pubescent, with fastigiate, corymbous branches above; scales elliptical, faintly striate, rather acute. - Mass. to La. Plant hairy, 2 to 3f high, with a somewhat panicled corymb of white flowers. The upper lvs. are often entire. Invol. 5-flowered, with twice as many scales in 2 rows. Closely allied to the following, but is much more rough. Aug. (E. verbenaefolium Mx. E. pubeseens Pers.)