10. Pyxine, Fr., Tuckerm

87. p, sorediata, Fr.

On trees and rocks.

On trees, Tobique River, N.B. (G. U. Hay.) On trees at Bad-deck, Cape Breton Island, N.S., July, 1898; on balsam, spruce and beech trees at Ottawa, Ont.; on dead wood at Belleville, and on beech trees at Brighton, Ont.; on old rails, Seymour West, Northumberland Co., Ont., Oct., 1893; on cedar bark, Algonquin Park, Ont., June, 1900. (Macoun.) On Rigaud Mountain, Vau-dreuil, Co., Que. (Rev. G. Ducharme.) On poflar and red maple at Edmonton, Ont. (James White.)

17. Physma, Mass

133. P. luridum, (Mont.) Tuckerm.

A single specimen collected in Labrador or Newfoundland. (Waghorne fide Eckfeldt.)

19. Ephebe, Fr., Born

148. E. pubescens, Fr.

On rocks, Greenland. (Branth.) On rocks, summit of Mount Benson, near Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, June 8, 1887. (Macoun.)

20. Omphalaria, Dur. & Mont

149. O. phyllisca, (Wahl.) Tuckerm.

Granite rocks, north shore of Lake Superior. (Agassiz.)

27. Conotrema, Tuckerm

269. C. urceolatum, (Ach.) Tuckerm.

On maple trunks, Hunter's River, Prince Edward Island; on trunks at Baddeck and Magaree, Cape Breton Island, N.S., July, 1898; on bark of trees at Ottawa, Ont.; on maple bark at Belleville and Central Ontario Junction, Hastings Co., Ont.; on poflar trees at Brighton, Ont.; on Carya amara in woods'west of Hull, Que.; on maple trees, Otter Slide Creek, Algonquin Park, Ont., July, 1900. (Macoun.)

28. Gyalecta, (Ach.) Anzi

270. G. lutea, (Dicks.) Tuckerm.

On bark of trees.

On hemlock bark at Beechwood, Ottawa, Ont.; on spruce bark along the Red Deer River, Porcupine Mountains, Man. (Macoun)

271. G. Pineti, (Schrad.) Tuckerm.

On bark and rotten wood at the base of trees. On dead wood in woods, Sudbury Junction, Ont., May 29th, 1884. (Macoun.)

272. G. rhexoblephara, (Nyl.) Tuckerm.

On earth, growing over mosses, etc.

Greenland. (Vahl) Islands of Behring Strait. (Wright.)

29. Urceolaria, Tuckerm

273. U. scruposa, (Linn.) Nyl.

On rocks and on earth and often growing over mosses.

On earth, Labrador or Newfoundland with var. bryofhila, Eschw. (Waghorne fide Eckfeldt.) Arctic America. (Richardson.) On rocks, Lake Nipigon, Ont.; on the prairie north of Cypress Hills, Assa.; common on earth along Old Wives' Creek and south of Wood Mountain, Assa.; on earth and roots along Jumping Pound Creek, Rocky Mountains, June, 1897; on earth at Revelstoke and Deer Park, Columbia River, B.C.; on earth in Roger's Pass, Selkirk Mountains, B.C. (Macoun) Alaska. (Rothrock.)