(952.) P. decursivifolium, Kindb. (n. sp.)

Hypnum latebricola, Canadian Musci, No. 304, in part.

Intermediate between P. latebricola and P. pseudo-latebricola. Agrees with the last in the branches being complanate, the leaves distichous, the capsule oblique; differs in the leaves being broader, short-pointed, decurrent, the alar cells not distinct but the decurrent ones rectangular, the capsule in a dry state arcuate and finally furrowed, the lid longer often curved.

On cedar (Thuya occidentalis) stumps in a swamp, 5 miles west of Belleville, Ont. The specimens (fruiting) were named P. Passaicense by Austin, and probably distributed under that name by him. (Macoun.)

(953.) P. attenuatirameum, Kindb. (n. sp.)

Tufts green, faintly shining, loose, with few rhizoids. Primary stem very short; branches elongate, long-attenuate, finally flagelliform. Leaves subdistichous, the lower broadly ovate, obtuse or obtusate, entire long-decurrent, concave, recurved at the borders from the base to above the middle, at least at the one side; cells chlorophyllose, somewhat dilated, the lowest very much wider and shorter, nearly uniform; costa generally short and double, rarely simple and reaching to the middle; the other leaves gradually smaller, narrower and more acute or acuminate. Barren.

On rocks in Gilmour's Park, Chelsea, Que., September 6th, 1889. (Macoun.)