(867.) S. Paciflcum, Watson, Proced. Amer. Acad., XI., 140.

Specimens referred here doubtfully, because they were too young, were collected at China or Atlat Creek, and other points along Alberni Canal and Barclay Sound, Vancouvcr Island, 1887. (Macoun.)

(3123.) S. Dawsoni, C. & E., Bot. Gazette, XIII., 144.

"A foot or so high, glabrous; leaves ternate, then pinnate, the small (1/4 to 1/2 inch long) ovate acute segments laciniately toothed to entire; umbel, with involucels of linear-oblong scarious bractlete longer than the pedicels, and abruptly ending in a long attenuation; pedicels, 1 to 2 lines long; fruit oblong, smooth, about 2 lines long, with prominent wings, the lateral ones but little broader; rarely an additional small oil-tube in a lateral interval, seed hardly at all dorsally sulcate.

This interesting species is quite distinct from all other species of Selinum in its leaf and involucel characters, as well as in the prominent thin wings of the fruit. Pelly River at Pelly Banks. Yukon District, Lat. 61°, Aug. 11th, 1887. (Dawson.)