(3128.) C. Baileyi, Coulter & Evans, Bot. Gaz., XV., 37. C stolonifera, Macoun, Cat. I., 190, in part.

"Erect shrub, with reddish-brown, mostly smooth branches; branch-lets and inflorescence pubescent to woolly; petioles 6 to 25 mm. long; leaves from lanceolate to ovate, acute or short-acuminate, acute or obtuse at base, appressed-pubescent to glabrate above, white beneath, and with woolly hairs variously intermingled with appressed ones (or in some cases all appressed), 25 to 12 cm. long, 1.2 to 7.5 cm. wide; flowers in small, rather compact cymes; calyx-teeth from small to prominent; fruit white; stone decidedly compressed, flat-topped, rarely oblique, with a very prominently furrowed edge, much broader than high (3 mm. high, 4 to 6 mm. broad)."

Low grounds at the mouth of Nepigon River, Lake Superior; "River That Turns," near the source of the Qu'Appelle River, Assiniboia (Macoun); Cypress Hills, Alberta. (J. M. Macoun.) North Fork of Old Man River, Rocky Mountains. (Dawson.) Probably common between Lake Superior and the Rocky Mountains. (Macoun.)