(3148.) C. aurita, Greene, Pittoniana, I., Part V., 221, 1888.

"Root perennial; stems several, a span high, erect, slender, leafy, one-flowered; the whole plant pale and minutely scabrous; leaves an inch long, oblong, lanceolate, acute, sessile by a narrow base, entire or with a few coarse teeth; segments of the calyx lanceolate, each with a pair of erect lobes or teeth at or near the base; corolla violet, J inch long, cleft to some distance below the middle, the segments lanceolate, widely spreading."

A well-marked and interesting species obtained on the table-lands of the Yukon River, Alaska, Latitude 63°, late in August, 1881, by Mr. Octavius S. Bates. (Greene.')

(1344.) C. rotundifolia, Linn., var. arctica, Lange.; Macoun, Cat. III., 560.

Greenland, Lat. 71°, 1888. (Hanson.) Little Charlton Island, James Bay, July, 1887. (J. M. Macoun.) All the northern specimens are distinguished by having reflexed, white hairs on the lower part of the stem.

Var. Alaskana, Gray, Synop. Fl. I., 395.

Mount Mark, near Qualicum, Vancouver Island, 1887. Alt. 2500 ft. (Macoun.)

Var. hirsuta.

A slender, narrow-leaved variety, with the lower part of stem covered with stiff reflexed hairs. Flowers 1-5, smaller than in the species. Shores of Home Lake, near Qualicum, Vancouver Island, 1887. (Macoun.)