548. Myrica

(1970.) M. Gale, Linn.; Macoun, Cat., III., 434.

This species is common along lake margins in northern British Columbia; along Burnaby Lake, near New Westminster, and very common on Vancouver Island. (Macoun.)

650. Alnus

(1983.) A. rubra, Bongard; Macoun, Cat., III., 437.

Frances Lake, Lat. 61°, N.W.T. 1887. (Dawson.) Along the Thompson River at Spence's Bridge, B.C.; shore of Horne Lake, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.)

553. Corylus

(1989.) C. rostrata, Ait,, var. Californica, A.DC., Bot. Calif., II., 101.

Very common at Sicamous and Salmon Arm, Shuswap Lake; and Agassiz, B.C.; common on Vancouver Island at Goldstream. 1887. (Macoun.)

555. Castanea

(2002.) C. sativa, Mill., var. Americana, Gray, Man., ed. VI., 479.

References under C. vulgaris, var. Americana, Macoun, Cat., III., 443, belong here.

563. Juniperus

(2068.) J. communis, Linn., var. alpina, Linn.; Macoun, Cat. III, 462.

On mountains at Spence's Bridge, B.C.; summits of mounts Benson, Mark and Arrowsmith, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.)

564. Taxus

(2070.) T. brevifolia, Nutt.; Macoun, Cat, III., 463.

Assuming the form of a small tree, between Sproat's Landing and Nelson, and on Kootanie Lake, B.C. (JDaivson.)

565. Pinus

(2075.) P. albicaulis, Engelm.; Macoun, Cat. III., 465.

Generally abundant in southern interior of British Columbia, between heights of 5000-6000 feet; Toad Mountain and vicinity to 7000 feet. (Dawson.)

(2011.) P. ponderosa, Dougl., var. scopulorum, Engelm.; Macoun, Cat. III., 466.

From near the head of Lower Arrow Lake, southward, and all along Kootanie Lake, B.C. (Dawson.)

567. Tsuca

(2088.) T. Pattoniana, Engelm; Macoun, Cat. III., 472.

On the higher slopes of the mountains at the Glacier Hotel, Selkirk Summit; also on the summit of Mount Benson (alt. 3000 feet), Mount Mark (alt. 3300 feet), and Mount Arrowsmith (alt. 5500 feet), Vancouver Island. 18S7. (Macoun.) In valleys of the Coast Range at head of Chilkoot Inlet (Lat. 59° 30'), and on the Chilkoot Pass to over 3000 feet altitude. (Dawson.) It is very probable that this species is found on all summits on Vancouver Island, over 2500 feet high.