376. G. pellucida, (Linn.) Rabenhost.

Tetraphis pellucida, Hedw.; Cat. Can. Musci, 97,

On old logs, Big Intervale, Margaree, and on stumps Halfway Brook, Cape Breton Island, N.S., Aug. 1898; on old logs, Bragg's Creek, Elbow River, Rocky Mountains, Alta., June, 1897; on old stumps, Cache Lake, Algonquin Park, Ont., June, 1900. (Macoun.) Lake Lindeman, Yukon, 1899. (Williams.)

1036. G. Cuspidata, Kindb., Revue Bryol. 1893.

Leaves subovate, short-acuminate, acute. Perichetial leaves cuspidate by the long excurrent costa. Capsule generally curved; pedicel straight.

On old logs at Leamington, Essex Co., Ont., Sept. 22nd, 1890. (Macoun.)

1037. G. trachypoda, Kindb., Revue Bryol. 1893.

Leaves subovate or ovate-oblong, short-acuminate and acute. Perichetial leaves with long, sublinear, acute acumen; costa not excurrent. Capsule straight; pedicel straight, rough in the upper part.

On an old stump at Sicamous, B.C., July 4th, 1889. (Macoun.)

377. G. geniculata, (Girgens.) Lindb.

Tetraphis geniculata, Girgens; Cat. Can. Musci, 97.

On old logs, Big Intervale, Margaree, Cape Breton Island, N.S., July 16th, 1898. (Macoun.) Salmon Creek near Juneau, Sitka. (Miss G. Coo ey.) Canon City, Dyea Creek, Alaska, 1899. (Williams,)