621. Calochortus, Pursh, Fl. I., 240

(2325.) C - elegans, Pursh, var. nanus, Wood. Proc. Phil. Acad. 168 (1868).

C. elegans, Hook., Fl. II, 183; Macoun, Cat, No. 1873.

C. Lyallii, Baker, Journ. Linn. Soc. XIV., 305.

C. elegans, var. minor, Hook., Fl. II, 183. Summit of the South Kootanie and Crow Nest passes, Rocky Mountains. (Dawson.) Recesses of the Rocky Mountains, near the region of perpetual snow. (Douglas.)

(2326.) C. macrocarpus, Dougl. Hook., Fl. II., 183.

Dry, gravelly soil on the mountains above Lytton, B.C. (Macoun.) Very fine specimens at Kamloops, B.C. (Prof. Fowler.) Similkameen River; near Wild Horse Creek, Kootanie Valley, B.C. (Dawson.) Abundant at Lytton, Spence's Bridge, and Kamloops, B.C. (Fletcher.)

622. ChamaeLirium, Willd. (Devil's Bit)

(2327.) C - Carclinianum, Willd. Watson, Proc. Am. Acad, VI.,.


C. luteum, Gray, Man. Ed. V., 527. Helonias dioica, Pursh, Fl. I., 243. In swamps near Mount Pleasant, Ont. (Burgess.) Canada. (Gray, Man.)

623. Xerophyllum, Mx. Fl. I., 210. (Xerophyllum)

(2328.) X. tenax, Nutt. Watson, Proced. Am. Acad. XIV., 284.

Helonias tenax. Pursh, Fl. I., 243. South Kootanie Pass, Rocky Mountains, 49th parallel. Abundant and past flowering in the lower valleys, but still flowering at 6,000 feet alt., on Aug. 17th, 1874. Crow Nest Pass, 1883. (Dawson.)

630. Melanthium, Linn. Gen. 454

(2349.) M. Virginicum, Linn.; Gray, Man. Ed. V., 524.

M. hybridum, Pursh, Fl. I., 242.

Leimanthium hybridum, Roem.; Hook., Fl. II., 177.

Upper Canada. (Hooker, Fl.) We have never seen a Canadian specimen of this species, and cannot speak explicitly of its occurrence in western Ontario. Certainly the region where Mr. Goldie botanized (the shores of Lake Erie) is less known botanically, than any other part of the Dominion, except the extreme north.

632. Stenanthium, A. Cray. Ann. Lyc. N. York IV., 119

(2351.) S. occidentale, Gray, Proced. Am. Acad., XVIII., 405.

Crow Nest and South Kootanie passes, Rocky Mountains. (Dawson.} Abundant on the slopes of ravines on all the Rocky Mountains up the Bow River Valley, and westward to the Columbia Valley at Donald; along Little Qualicum River, on the slopes of Mount Arrowsmith, alt. 4,500 feet, and on Mount Mark, alt. 2,500 feet, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) Near Yale, B.C. (Fletcher.)