(2839.) M. acuminata, Bolander, Proced. Calif. Acad. IV., 104.

Festuca subulata, Bong. Veg. Sitch. 173; Hook, Ft II., 251. Bromus subulatus, Griseb; Gray, Proced. Am. Acad. VIII., 410.

Not uncommon in shady woods at Oak Bay, Gordon Head, and Nanaimo, Goldstream, Qualicum, and Alberni, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) Sitka. (Rothr. Alask.) Vicinity of Victoria, Vancouver Island. (Fletcher.)

(2840.) M. aristata, Thurber; Bolander Proced. Calif. Acad. IV., 103.

Abundant in the valleys of the Selkirk Mountains, especially in Beaver and Bear Creek valleys. (Macoun.)

(2841.) M. bulbosa, Geyer; Hook. Journ. Bot. VIII., 19.

M. poaeoides, Torr. Pacif. R. Rep. IV. 157.

Rather common in the Rocky Mountains, and British Columbia. "Western summit of South Kootanie Pass, Rocky Mountains. (Dawson.) Not rare in northern British Columbia to Fort McLeod, lat. 55°. (Macoun.)

(2842.) M. Harfordii, Bolander, Proced. Calif. Acad. IV., 102.

Rather rare in rocky ground at Oak Bay, and in oak woods near Cloverdale, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.)