(343.) H. Ascyron, Linn.; Coulter, Bot. Gaz. XI., 83. References under H. pyramidatnm, Ait., Part I, 84, belong here.

(347.) H. maculatum, Walter; Coulter, Bot. Gaz., XL, 107.

References under H. corymbosum, Muhl., Part I., 85, belong here.

(349.) H. Canadense, Linn. var. minimum, Chois.; Coulter. Bot. Gaz., XL, 110.

H. anagalloides, Macoun, Cat. I., 85.

Dwarf 1 to 3 inches high, simple, few-flowered; leaves oblong, obtuse, 4 to 5 lines long, a line or two wide, smaller and more crowded below. Wet springy places, Cypress Hills, Assiniboia, Aug. 8th, 1880. (Macoun.)

(350.) H. formosum, HBK. var. Scouleri, Coulter, Bot. Gaz., XL, 108.

References under H. Scouleri, Hook., Part I., 85, belong here.

(351.) H. anagalloides, Cham. & Schlecht; Coulter, Bot. Gaz., XL, 109.

In ditches and wet gravelly places. Mount Finlayson, 10 miles from Victoria, Vancouver Island. (Fletcher.) Common at Nanaimo, Qualicum, Comox and Horne Lake, Vancouver Island; Lulu Island, mouth of Fraser River, and Burrard Inlet at Hastings, B.C. (Macoun.)