Seeds have been found with flax seeds and weeds of cultivation in Neolithic deposits. Fumitory is confined to the Warm Temperate Zone, and is found in Europe, X. Africa, W. Asia, and has been introduced into the United States. It is absent from the following counties in Great Britain, but common elsewhere, viz.: S. Lines, Main Argyle, X. Ebudes; and it ascends up to 1000 ft. in the north of England. It occurs in Ireland and the Channel Islands. By Watson it was regarded as a colonist.

The Earth-smoke is so constant an accompaniment of the growing grain that a cornfield would hardly be complete without it, and the widespread character of its distribution shows the length of its establishment, did not its occurrence in Neolithic deposits, with other weeds of waste ground, testify to this. It grows in the furrows, or around the borders, of wheatfields, associated with Corn Marigold, Corn Sow Thistle, Sherardia, and the usual plants of arable land, which wander afield to waste places around the straw-stack, farmyard, or mill.

The connection between this plant and Climbing Fumitory is seen in its spreading, not erect, habit, the principal stem which gives rise to others being weak and trailing over the surface if very long The joints are swollen to add strength on this account, as the plant is tender and the stem is more or less wavy.