The name "Face-and-Hood" is in reference to the markings of the petals, which bear some sort of resemblance to a face, the limb of the flower being often dark and hood-like.

In Midsummer-Night's Dream, Oberon tells Puck to place a pansy on Titania's eyes to cause her to fall in love with the first object she sees when she wakes. The pansy was used in brides' bouquets.

Heart's Ease (Viola arvensis, Murr.)

Photo. L. R. J. Horn - Heart's Ease (Viola arvensis, Murr.)

Heart's Ease was reckoned a cure for heart disease. It was used as a decoration on Trinity Sunday. Though regarded as a cordial it has no such value.

Essential Specific Characters: 44. Viola arvensis, Murr. - Stem branched, angular, leaves oblong, crenate, stipules lyrate, pinnatifid, flowers purple, white, yellow, petals shorter than the calyx, capsule globular.