A little fungus, Puccinia bullata, attacks it. No insects infest it.

Aethusa, Linnaeus, is from the Greek aitho, I burn, in allusion to the hot taste, and Cynapium, Rivinus, from kuon, kunos, dog, and apion, parsley.

This plant is called Ass-parsley, Dill, Dog-poison, Dog's-Parsley, False Parsley, Fool's Cicely, Fool's Parsley.

Fool's Parsley causes vomiting when eaten, and is very acrid.

From common Parsley it is distinguished by the dark-green leaves, with finely-divided, and not yellow leaves. The three long bracts distinguish it from all others of this group.

Essential Specific Characters: 129. Aethusa Cynapium, L. - Stem erect, branched, glabrous, leaves bipinnate, leaflets lanceolate, flowers white, with long bracts at the base of the partial involucres, fruit ribbed. Poisonous.