Large-Flowered Mullein (Verbascum Virgatum, Stokes)

The habitat of this plant is gravelly banks, waste places. This species has been regarded as a sub-species of V. Blattaria. The habit is erect, pyramidal. The plant is stouter than the latter. The leaves are doubly toothed, glandular, hairy, and run down the stalk. The radical leaves are oblong to lance-shaped, with lobes more or less larger upwards, lobed, scalloped, toothed, the upper oblong, with a long, narrow7 point, half-clasping. The flowers are yellow, on short stalks, with 1-5 flowers, shorter than the bracts or calyx. The flowers are in a dense raceme, glandular, softly hairy. The anther-stalks have purple hairs, 2 longer and only hairy within, the stamens nearly equal. The plant is 1-3 ft. high, flowering from June to August, and is a herbaceous biennial.