Hieracium Hyparcticum, Almq

The habitat of this species is mountainous. The rhizome is long, woody. The stem is branched, woolly-felted, yellowish-green, the outer leaves oval, elliptic, nearly entire, with a blunt point, the inner elliptic, egg-shaped, toothed below, narrowed to the bent-back stem-leaf, woolly-felted, and hairy beneath and on the border. The stem-leaf is solitary or absent, stalkless, narrow, woolly - felted below. The panicle is cymose, with 2-3 long, arching, spreading branches, the flower-stalks woolly-felted, glandular, with few stiff hairs. The 2-5 heads are cylindric in bud, long, narrowed to the flower-stalk. The phyllaries are deep green, the outer short, lance-shaped, blunt, the inner narrow, acute, woolly-felted on the border, senescent, hair)', glandular. The ligules are yellow, tipped with stiff hairs. The yellow styles turn dingy. The plant is 12-20 in. high, flowering in July, and is a herbaceous perennial.

Hieracium lima, F. J. Hanb. - The habitat of this species is limestone cliffs. The stem is bluish-white, woolly-felted, hairy below and glandular above, branched or simple. The primary radical leaves are purplish below, egg-shaped, entire, wedge-shaped, or rounded below, the inner lance-shaped, oblong, sharply toothed below, narrowed to the shaggy long leaf-stalk, hairy both sides. The stem-leaf is stalked, oblong, lance-shaped, acute, or absent. The panicle is falsely forked, in a corymb, the branches spreading or erect, arching. The 3-7 heads have arching, woolly-felted, glandular stalks. The phyllaries are narrowly long-pointed, with pale margin, hairy, glandular, woolly-felted, especially on the borders. The tips of the ligules are smooth. The styles are yellow. The borders of the receptacle pits are toothed and fringed with teeth. The plant is 8-14 in. in height, flowering in July and August, and is a herbaceous perennial.

Hieracium Leyi, F. J. Hanb. - The habitat of this species is mountain cliffs. It is found in eleven vice-counties - Carnarvon, Merioneth, Brecon, Yorks, Perth, Forfar, Aberdeen, etc. The stem is reddish, stiffly hairy below, glandular above, rough, furrowed. The primary radical leaves are small, oval, dark bluish-green, with black spots or purple, the outer egg-shaped, the inner lance-shaped, acute, stalked, toothed below, narrowed to the foot-stalk, stiff!)' hairy, then smooth. The stem-leaf is lance-shaped, or may be wanting. The panicle is a forked corymb, the branches straight, or curved above. The flower-stalks are woolly-felted, glandular. The 2-7 heads are large. The phyllaries extend forwards, the outer linear, loose, blunt, the inner linear, lance-shaped, narrow, acute, woolly-felted, hairy, and glandular. The tips of the ligules are stiffly hairy or downy. The styles are yellow to livid. The margins of the recep-tacular alveoli are toothed, cut, and awl-like. The plant is 6-15 in. high, flowering from June to August, and is a herbaceous perennial.