* Leaves glaucous, toothed or slightly lobed.

P. somniferum: annual, erect, glabrous, or with a few hairs on the peduncles, scarcely branched, two feet high or more; leaves clasping the stem by their cordate base, oblong, irregularly toothed, slightly sinuate or lobed; flowers large, usually bluish-white, with a purple base; capsules large, globular, glabrous. - Opium Poppy. - Saudy wastes, especially near the sea, and in the fens of the eastern counties. Fl. July.

** Leaves not glaucous, hairy, once or twice pinnate. † Capsule smooth.

P. Rhoeas: annual, erect, branched, 1-2 feet high, with stiff spreading hairs; lower leaves stalked, once or twice pin-nately divided, the lobes lanceolate, pointed, more or less cut; flowers large, rich scarlet, with a dark eye; capsule smooth, globular or slightly top-shaped. - A cornfield weed. Fl. June, July.

†† Capsule hairy.

P. hybridum: annual; stem 1 -1 1/2 feet high, branched, leafy; leaves bipinnatifid, with short segments, and few short hairs; flowers smaller, purplish red, with a dark spot in the centre; capsule nearly globular, covered with stiff, spreading bristles. - Sandy or chalky fields; rare. Fl. July.

P. Argemone: annual; stems slender, 1-1 1/2 feet high, leafy, branched; leaves bipinnatifid, the segments few and narrow; flowers rather small, pale red, often with a dark spot; capsule oblong, contracted at the base, i.e. clavate, with a few stiff, erect bristles. - Sandy cornfields. Fl. June, July.