C. temulum: biennial; stem erect, 2-3 feet high, rough with short reflexed hairs; leaves twice pinnate or ternate, with ovate or wedge-shaped pinnatifid or toothed segments, more or less hairy; umbels of few rays, without a general involucre, the partial involucres of 5-6 broadly lanceolate bracts. - Hedges and thickets. Fl. June, July.

(130) Myrrhis. Cicely. M. odorata: stem erect, branching, hairy, 2-3 feet high, highly aromatic; leaves large, twice or thrice pinnate, with numerous lanceolate, deeply pinnatifid, and toothed segments; umbels terminal, not large, of 8-10 rays, without general involucre, the bracts of the partial ones numerous, lanceolate, acuminate; fruits, when ripe, nearly an inch long. - Mountain pastures, indigenous or naturalized. Fl. May, June.