* Ray-florets without a style.

A. Cotula: annual; stems erect, branching, one foot high or more, glabrous, with a disagreeable smell; leaves bipin-natifid, with narrow linear, pointed, entire or divided lobes; flower-heads in a loose terminal corymb; involucre slightly cottony, the inner bracts scarious at the top; receptacle convex, lengthening out as the flowering advances, with linear-setaceous scales; ray-florets white, without any trace of style: achenes rough with glandular dots, without any border. - Waste places. - A common weed. Fl. June, July.

** Ray-florets having a style.

A. arvensis: annual; stem 1-2 feet high, downy, much branched, sometimes decumbent, the leafy branches terminating in single flower-heads; leaves bipinnatifid, hairy, the segments linear-lanceolate; flower-heads solitary, the ray-florets white, always having a style; receptacle conical, with lanceolate scales beween the florets. - Cultivated fields. Fl. June, July.

Var. maritima, with a stem of more spreading habit, thicker leaves, a flat receptacle, and subulate scales, has been called A. anglica. - North-east coast.

A. nobilis: stem procumbent or creeping, branched, the flowering branches short, ascending, leafy; leaves bipinnate, the leaflets linear-subulate, somewhat downy, pleasantly aromatic; flower-heads on terminal peduncles, with white rays; inner involucral bracts scarious at the top; scales of the receptacle broad, obtuse. - Commons and sandy pastures. Fl. July, August.