* Ray-florets white.

C. Leueanthemum: stems erect, simple or slightly branched, 1-2 feet high; leaves obovate, coarsely-toothed, on long stalks, those of the stem narrow, sessile; flower-heads solitary on long terminal peduncles, rather large; involucral bracts bordered by a brown, scarious edge. - Oxeye Daisy. - Pastures, banks, etc. Fl. June to August.

C. Parthenium: biennial; stems erect, branching, a foot or more high; leaves pinnate, the segments ovate or oblong, pinnatifid, toothed; flower-heads numerous, about half an inch in diameter, in a terminal corymb; achenes crowned by a minute toothed, border. - Feverfew. - Roadsides, and in waste places. Fl. June, July. This plant is often called Pyrethrum Parthenium, and is a strongly scented aromatic medical herb, with bitter tonic properties.

C. inodorum: annual; stem erect or spreading, branched, 1-1 1/2 feet high; leaves twice or thrice pinnate, with numerous narrw-linear, almost capillary lobes; flower-heads rather large, on terminal peduncles; involucral bracts with a brown scarious edge; receptacle convex or hemispherical, not conical; achenes ribbed, crowned with a minute entire or four-toothed border. - Fields and waste places. Fl. July, August.

Var. maritimum: stems diffuse; leaves rather fleshy; flowers smaller. - Sea coast.

** Ray-florets yellow.

C. segetum: annual; stem glabrous, erect, one foot high or more, with spreading branches; lower leaves obovate and stalked, the upper ones narrow and stem-clasping, with a fewr teeth at the top; flower-heads rather large, on terminal peduncles; involucral bracts broadly scarious; florets of the ray and disk yellow. - Corn Marigold. - A cornfield weed. Fl. June to August.