* Flowers stalked, white.

T. repens: stems creeping; leaflets obovate or obcordate, often with a dark spot at their base; flowers in roundish heads, white, the standard striated; peduncles axillary, longer than the leaves, the flowers at length deflexed; calyx glabrous. - Dutch or White Clover. - Meadows and pastures. Fl. May to September.

** Flowers sessile. † Calyx not inflated.

T. pratense: stem erect, 1-2 feet high; leaflets oval, emargi-nate, the upper ones entire, apiculate; flowers purplish, sometimes white, the heads ovate, dense, sessile; calyx 10-nerved, hairy. - Purple Clover. - Mountainous pastures, fields. Fl. May to September.

T. arvense: annual; stem erect, or in a maritime form, procumbent, finely hairy; leaflets linear-oblong; flowers small, whitish, almost concealed by the very hairy calyx, the heads nearly cylindrical, stalked; calyx 10-nerved, hairy. - Hare's-foot Trefoil. - Sandy fields. Fl. July to September.

†† Calyx with the upper lip inflated after flowering.

T. fragiferum: stem creeping; leaflets obovate, emarginate, minutely serrate; flowers purplish-red, the heads globose, large, remarkable when in fruit for their curious calyces; peduncles axillary longer than the leaves; calyx of the fruit membranous reticulated downy. - Damp pastures. Fl. July to September.