* Flower-heads dioecious. G. dioicum: flowering stems almost simple, 2-5 inches high; leaves obovate or oblong, the upper ones linear, cottony beneath; flower-heads 3-4 together, in compact, terminal corymbs, dioecious; inner bracts of the involucre in the males with broad, white, petal-like tips, spreading like ligulate florets: in the females narrow, white-tipped, not spreading. - Cat's ear. - Mountain pastures. Fl. June, July.

** Flower-heads hermaphrodite.

G. sylvaticum: stems simple, erect, 2-8 inches high; leaves linear, cottony on the under side; flower-heads small, cylindrical or ovoid, solitary or in little clusters in the axils of the upper leaves, forming a long leafy spike; the involucres scarcely cottony, with brown, shining bracts. - Woods and heaths. Fl. July to September.

G. uliginosum: annual; stems much branched, cottony six inches high; leaves linear or narrow-oblong, the upper ones waved; flower-heads small and clustered, many together, within a tuft of rather long leaves at the extremity of the branches; involucral bracts brown and scarious. - Wet sandy places. Fl. July, August.