* Annual herb.

H. guttatum: annual, erect, hairy, often branched at the base, 2-3 inches to one foot high; leaves narrow-oblong or lanceolate, or the lower ones obovate and very obtuse, upper ones more pointed; racemes loose, with small flowers on slender pedicels; petals very fugacious, yellow, with a dark spot at their base. - Warm sandy pastures. Fl. June, July.

** Dwarf underslirubs.

H. canum: stem decumbent, compact-growing; leaves ovate or oblong, small, white underneath or on both sides; racemes numerous and short; flowers yellow, very small. - Limestone rocks; rare. Fl. June.

H. vulgare: stems diffuse, much branched, with procumbent or ascending flowering branches, from a few inches to nearly a foot long; leaves mostly oblong, but varying from ovate to lanceolate, glabrous or slightly hairy, more or less hoary beneath; racemes loose; petals broadly spreading, bright yellow. - Rock Rose. - Dry hilly pastures. Fl. July, August.

Var. surrejanum: flowers much smaller; petals narrow, deeply cut. - Supposed to have been originally found near Croydon in Surrey.