H. glabra: annual; stem branched, leafless, glabrous, 3-10 inches high; leaves oblong, dentate-sinuate; flower-heads small, yellow, the florets scarcely longer than the involucres; pappus feathery, sessile on the wrinkled achenes of the outer florets, supported on a slender beak in the central ones. - Sandy situations. Fl. July, August.

H. radicata: leaves all radical, spreading, narrow, more or less toothed or pinnately lobed, hispid on both sides; stems erect, leafless, 1-2 feet high, divided into two or three long branches, each bearing a few small scales, and terminated by a rather large head of flowers; involucres nearly an inch long, shorter than the florets; achenes transversely wrinkled, all narrowed into a long, slender beak, with a feathery pappus. - Cat's ear. - Meadows, pastures, waysides, and waste places. Fl. July.