* Calyx-tube and capsule short, broad, † Capsule opening at the sides. ‡ Capsule sessile, erect.

C. glomerata: stem firm, erect, a foot high or more, hairy; lower leaves stalked, the rest sessile, broadly lanceolate, clasping the stem by their cordate base, roughly hairy; flowers sessile, deep blue, in small clusters in the upper leaves, the uppermost ones forming a compact leafy head. - Dry pastures. Fl. July, August. In very dry soils it sometimes becomes much dwarfed, sometimes reduced to one or two inches in height, and single-flowered.

‡‡ Capsule stalked, nodding.

C. Traehelium: stem 2-3 feet high, erect, simple, leafy; leaves on long stalks, broadly heart-shaped coarsely-toothed, the upper ones small, ovate-lanceolate; flowers large, deep blue, 2-3 together in short leafy racemes in the upper axils or at the summit of the stem, sometimes solitary; calyx with broad lanceolate segments. - Hedges and thickets. Fl. July, August.

C. latifolia: stems 2-3 feet high, erect, simple, leafy; leaves ovate-lanceolate, pointed, toothed, narrowed at the base, the lower ones stalked; flowers large, blue or white, solitary in the axils of the upper leaves, forming a leafy raceme, the uppermost exceeding the leaves; calyx with long lanceolate segments. - Woods and thickets. Fl. July, August.

C. rotundifolia: radical leaves orbicular or heart-shaped, those of the stem narrow-lanceolate or linear, entire; stems ascending or erect, 6-18 inches high, often branched, with a few elegantly drooping blue, bell-shaped flowers, in a loose raceme or panicle, sometimes solitary. - Harebell. - Hilly pastures, heaths, banks, and roadsides. Fl. July, August †† Capsules opening at top, C. hederacea: stems slender, prostrate, branched, threadlike; leaves small, delicate, mostly orbicular or broadly heart-shaped, with a few broad, angular teeth; flowers on long, filiform peduncles, drooping in the bud, nearly erect when fully out, and often drooping again as the fruit ripens: corolla narrow-bellshaped, pale bluish-purple; capsule almost globular, opening in three valves between the calycine teeth. - Moist shady pastures and woods. Fl. July, August. Sometimes called Wahlenbergia.

** Calyx tube and capsule long, narrow, prismatical.

C. hybrida: annual; stems erect or decumbent, branched at the base, 6-8 inches high, hairy; leaves oblong, waved; flowers blue, sessile in the axils of the upper leaves, remarkable for their long, narrow, triangular ovary and capsule, crowned by the linear or oblong leafy segments of the calyx; capsule opening by short clefts close under the segments of the calyx. - A cornfield weed. Fl. July, August. Sometimes called Specularia.