* Stems erect.

L. vulgaris: stem branched, 2-3 feet high, downy; leaves rather large, broadly lanceolate or ovate, in whorls of 3-4; flowers in short, compound racemes or panicles, in the upper axils and at the summit of the branches, forming a terminal, leafy panicle, the corolla yellow, subcampanulate, deeply divided into five broad lobes; stamens connected into a cup at the base. - Wet, shady banks. Fl. July.

** Stems trailing.

L. nummularia: stems prostrate, 1-2 feet long, often rooting at the nodes; leaves opposite, broadly ovate or rounded, very obtuse; flowers large, yellow, solitary, on short axillary pedicels, the corolla concave, deeply divided into five ovate lobes; stamens slightly connected at the base. - Moneywort or Herb Twopence. - Banks, hedges, and moist pastures. Fl. June, July.

L. nemorum: stems slender, procumbent, 1/2-1 foot long; leaves opposite, broadly ovate, acute; flowers rather small, solitary, axillary, on slender pedicels longer than the leaves, the corolla rotate, bright yellow; stamens quite free. - Woods and shady places. Fl. June to August.