* Corolla tube with inconspicuous appressed scales.

C. europsea: annual leafless parasite; plant pale greenish-yellow, sometimes reddish; flowers in sessile, globular clusters; the corolla tube at first broadly cylindrical, longer than the calyx, with broad short lobes, and very minute, scarcely perceptible scales inside. - Parasitic, chiefly on herbaceous stems. Fl. August.

** Corolla tube with 'prominent scales,nearly closing the orifice.

C. Epithymum: annual leafless parasite; stems red, thread-like, much finer than in the last; flower-heads small, globular, very compact; the corolla tube cylindrical, with pointed, spreading lobes, the scales prominent, almost closing the tube. - Parasitic on small shrubs, chiefly thyme, heath, etc. Fl. July, August.