* Leaves deeply pinnatifid.

S. officinale: annual; stems a foot high or more, erect, more or less downy, with rigid spreading branches; leaves deeply pinnatifid, with few lanceolate toothed lobes, the terminal one 1-1 1/2 inch long, the others often directed backwards towards the stem, upper leaves sometimes undivided and hastate; flowers very small, yellow; pods half an inch long, tapering to the point, almost sessile, and closely pressed against the axis in long, slender racemes, the midribs of the valves prominent. - Hedge Mustard. - Waste places, by roadsides. Fl. June, July.

S. Irio: annual; stem a foot high or more, erect, hard, glabrous; leaves deeply pinnatifid or pinnate, the lobes or segments lanceolate, more numerous and larger than in the former; flowers small, yellow; pods 1 1/2-2 inches long, forming dense racemes. - London Rocket. - Waste places, chiefly about London and other towns. Fl. July, August.

** Leaves 2-3 times pinnate.

S. Sophia: annual; stem a foot high or more, erect, slender, somewhat hoary with very short down; leaves divided into numerous short linear segments; flowers small, yellow; pods slender, glabrous, 3/4-1 inch long, forming loose erect racemes. - Flixweed. - Waste places. Fl. July to September.