* Stem-leaves undivided, rounded or auricled at the base.

A. hirsuta: annual or biennial; stem a foot high or more, rather stiff, erect, usually simple, rough with short hairs; leaves spreading, obovate or oblong, slightly toothed; stem-leaves erect, oblong or lanceolate, all, or the upper ones, clasping by short auricles; flowers small and white; pods slender, 1-2 inches long, erect, crowded in a long raceme. - Walls, banks, and rocks. Fl. May, June.

** Stem-leaves narrowed at the base.

A. petrsea: stems branched at the base, loosely tufted, almost creeping, but seldom above six inches long; lower leaves obovate or oblong, stalked, mostly pinnately divided, with the terminal lobe largest, some of them nearly entire, the upper ones few, narrow, almost entire; flowers few, white or slightly purplish; pods spreading, rather more than half an inch long, - Moist mountainous places. Fl. July. [See also p. 45.]