* Glands of the involucre rounded on the outer edge.

E. Helioscopia: annual; stems erect, 1/2-1 foot high, simple, or with a few branches ascending from the base; stem-leaves obovate or broadly oblong, the floral ones broadly obovate or orbicular, very obtuse, minutely-toothed; umbel of five rays, each ray once or twice forked at the end, flowers and floral leaves crowded into broad leafy heads; glands of the involucre entire and rounded. - Waste and cultivated ground. Fl. June to September.

** Glands of the involucre crescent-shaped, with the horns turned outwards.

† Floral leaves all distinct.

E. Peplus: annual; stems erect, glabrous, 1/2-1 foot high, branching from the base; stem-leaves obovate, entire, the floral-leaves broadly ovate or cordate; umbel of 2-3 repeatedly forked rays; flower-heads small; glands of the involucre crescent-shaped, with long points; seeds pitted. - Cultivated and waste places. Fl. July, August.

E. exigua: annual; stems slender, glabrous, erect or ascending, 3-8 inches high; stem-leaves numerous, small, narrow, the floral ones usually lanceolate; umbels of 3-5 rays, sometimes contracted into terminal heads, more frequently elongated and forked; glands of the involucre crescent-shaped, with fine points; seeds slightly wrinkled. - Cornfields. Fl. June to August.

E. Lathyris: annual or biennial; stem tall, stout, three feet high, smooth, glaucous; stem-leaves narrow-oblong, the upper broader, all opposite; umbels of 3-4 long rays, once or twice forked, with large ovate-lanceolate floral-leaves; glands of the involucre crescent-shaped, with short blunt points. - Naturalized about cottage gardens. Fl. June, July.

†† Floral leaves connate.

E. amygdaloides: stems erect, reddish, almost woody, 1-2 feet high; leaves rather crowded towards the middle of the stem, lanceolate or narrow-oblong, the upper more distant and shorter; umbel of five long rays, not much divided, with a few axillary peduncles below it; floral leaves of each pair always connected into one large orbicular one, pale yellowish-green; glands of the involucre crescent-shaped, with rather long points. - Woods and thickets. Fl. March, April. [See also p. 16.]