* Receptacle hairy.

A. Absinthium: stem bushy, 1-2 feet high; leaves silky, in many deep lanceolate-obtuse segments; heads drooping, hemispherical, in erect aggregate leafy panicles; floral-leaves simple; florets dull yellow, the outer row female. - Wormwood. - Waste ground. Fl. July to September.

** Receptacle naked.

A. vulgaris: stem 2-3 feet high, erect, leafy; leaves woolly and white beneath, pinnatifid, with lanceolate-acuminate cut and serrated segments; heads ovate, the clusters leafy, nearly simple, erect; flowers few, reddish or brownish yellow. - Mug-wort. - Waste ground. Fl. July to September.

A. maritima: stem decumbent or ascending, woolly, much branched; leaves downy, pinnatifid, with linear, obtuse segments; racemes unilateral, the heads drooping, oblong; florets few, all perfect; reddish-yellow. - Salt marshes. Fl. August, September,