* Spur conical, nearly as long as the ovary.

O. latifolia: tubers palmate; stems one foot high; leaves large, oblong, blunt, not always spotted; flowers purplish-rose, dotted and marked with purple; lip 3-cleft; stalks of the pollen-masses each having a distinct gland. - Marshes and moist meadows. Fl. June, July.

** Spur slender, longer than the ovary.

O. pyramidalis: tubers entire; stem 1-1 1/2 foot high; leaves lanceolate; spike dense, ovoid, oblong, 2-4 inches long; flowers rosy or purplish-red; lip broad, 3-lobed; stalks of the pollen-masses connected by a common gland. - Pastures in limestone districts. Fl. July. [See also p. 69.]