* Stems leafy.

A. oleraceum: stems 1-2 feet high; leaves narrow-linear, nearly flat, rather thick, their sheathing bases covering the stem a considerable way up; spathe-valves with long, linear points; flowers pale-brown, in loose umbels, intermixed with bulbs. - Cultivated and waste places. Fl. July, August.

A. vineale: stem two feet high, leafy below; leaves terete, hollow; flowers pale rose-colour with green keels, in globose umbels, having bulbs intermixed with the flowers. - Crow Garlic. - Cultivated and waste places. Fl. July.

** Sterns leafless.

A. ursinum: leaves thin, flat, spreading, ovate-lanceolate; flower-stem scarcely a foot high, bearing a loose umbel of about a dozen white flowers, the perianth-segments lanceolate, spreading. - Ramsons. - Woods and shady places. Fl. May, June.

A. triquetrum: leaves broadly linear, flat but folded and keeled; flower-stem 6-8 inches high, bearing a loose, slightly drooping umbel of rather large white flowers, the perianth-segments oblong, not spreading. - Hedges in Guernsey. Fl. May, June.