A. csespitosa: stems 2-4 feet high; leaves stiff, flat, rough above, forming dense tufts; panicle 1/2-1 foot long, very elegant, with spreading, slender, almost capillary branches, the spikelets silvery-grey or purplish; outer pales scarcely projecting from the glumes, with a fine hair-like awn inserted near the base, not so long as the glume. - Moist, shady places. Fl. June, July.

A. flexuosa: stems rather slender, 1-1 1/2 foot high; leaves narrow, rolled inwards on the edges, almost subulate; panicle spreading, 2-3 inches long; spikelets very shining, the fine hair-like awns protruding beyond the glumes. - Heaths and hilly pastures. Fl. July.

A. caryophyllea: annual; stems slender, graceful, six inches high; leaves short, fine; panicle loose, spreading, with long, capillary branches, the awns shortly protruding from the glumes. - Sandy and hilly pastures. Fl June, July. [See also p. 77.]