* Pods winged at top.

L. campestre: annual; stem about a foot high, hoary with minute hairs, erect or nearly so, branched in the upper part; leaves stalked, oblong, entire or pinnatifid, with a large terminal lobe, the upper ones oblong or lanceolate, clasping the stem with short pointed auricles; flowers very small, white; pods numerous, on spreading pedicels, broadly ovate, nearly surrounded by the wing, slightly notched at the top, with a short, often very minute style. - Mithridate Peppervvort. - Cultivated and waste places. Fl. July.

L. Smithii is very near this, but more or less perennial, the stems shorter and decumbent at the base; the foliage more hairy, the flowers not quite so small, and the style prominent.

** Pods not winged.

L. latifolium: stems stout, erect, two feet or more in height, glabrous, much branched in the upper part; leaves large, ovate, toothed, on long stalks, those of the stem oblong or broadly lanceolate, 2-3 inches long, the upper sessile, tapering at the base; flowers small, white; pods with the valves scarcely keeled, the style almost imperceptible. - Salt-marshes. Fl. July.