* Perennials with large flowers.

G. sanguineum: stems numerous, a foot long, decumbent, rarely erect, with spreading hairs, leafy; leaves nearly orbicular, divided to the base in 5-7 segments, which are again cut into 3-5 narrow lobes; flowers large, dark purple, growing singly on long, slender peduncles; petals slightly notched, spreading. - Dry woods and pastures. Fl. June to September.

G. sylvatieum: stems 1-2 feet high or more, erect; leaves long-stalked, palmately divided almost to the base into 5-7 pointed lobes more or less cut and serrated; stem-leaves few; flowers in a rather dense, corymbose panicle, purplish; peduncles two-flowered; pedicels erect; petals obovate, slightly notched, scarcely twice as long as the calyx. - Moist thickets and mountain pastures. Fl. June, July.

G. pratense: this resembles the last, but differs chiefly in its more cut leaves, and larger bluish-purple flowers loosely panicled on longer peduncles, the pedicels always more or less spreading or reflexed after flowering. - Meadows and thickets. Fl. June, July.

** Annuals, with small flowers, † Petals entire.

G. Robertianum: annual; stems 1/2-1 foot high, erect or spreading, much branched, generally bearing a few soft hairs, often bright red, smelling disagreeably when rubbed; leaves divided into 3 pinnate or twice-pinnate segments; flowers rather small, with hairy long pointed sepals; petals obovate, entire, reddish-purple, rarely white, with glabrous erect claws; carpels glabrous, with a few transverse wrinkles. - Herb Robert. - Waste places, woods, etc. Fl. May to October.

G. lucidum: annual; stems 3/4-1 foot high, often turning red, glabrous, shining; leaves orbicular, palmately lobed, with broad segments usually obtuse, or rarely slightly pointed; flowers as in the last, but smaller; calyx pyramidal, the edges of the erect sepals forming very projecting angles. - Waste places, old walls, etc. Fl. May to August.

†† Petals notched.

G. pusillum: annual; stems prostrate, downy; leaves reni-form, palmate, with 5-7 trifid lobes; flowers small, bluish purple, on two-flowered peduncles; petals but slightly notched; carpels not wrinkled, but hairy; seeds smooth. - Waste and cultivated places. Fl. June to August.

G. disseetum: annual; stems diffuse, hairy, branched; leaves downy, deeply divided into 5-9 narrow segments, which are again deeply trifid or lobed; peduncles very short, bearing two small purple flowers, the petals slightly notched; carpels hairy, without wrinkles; seeds beautifully and minutely reticulated or dotted. - Dry pastures and cultivated places. Fl. June to August.

G. columbinum: annual; stems slender, decumbent, slightly hairy; leaves deeply divided into 5-9 narrow deeply-lacini-ated segments, the alternate lobes mostly linear; peduncles and pedicels long and slender; flowers small, rose-coloured, the petals notched; carpels slightly hairy, or glabrous, not wrinkled; seeds dotted. - Dry pastures. Fl. June, July.