* Stems decumbent or spreading at the base.

M. rotundifolia: annual; stems procumbent, 1/2-1 foot long, tough, slightly downy; leaves long-stalked, orbicular, cordate at the base, with 5-7 short and broad crenate lobes; flowers clustered in the axils, small, pale purplish; carpels about fifteen, downy, rounded on the back. - Roadsides and waste places. Fl. June to September.

** Stems erect or ascending.

M. sylvestris: biennial; stems 1-3 feet high; leaves long-stalked, orbicular, slightly cordate at the base, with 5-7 broad, short, deep lobes; flowers in axillary clusters, reddish purple; carpels about ten, flat on the back, with angular edges. - Waste places, roadsides, etc. Fl. June to September.

M. moschata: stems erect, simple, or slightly branched, 1 1/2 foot high; radical leaves orbicular, with short, broad lobes, those of the stem deeply divided into linear or wedge-shaped segments, which are again pinnatifid or three-lobed; flowers large, rose-coloured, rarely white, crowded at the summits of the branches; carpels rounded on the back, very hairy. - Hedge-banks and gravelly pastures. Fl. July, August.