I. Noli-me-tangere: annual; stems 1-2 feet high, erect, glabrous, branching, rather succulent, and swollen at the nodes; leaves stalked, ovate, pointed, toothed, pale green, flaccid; peduncles axillary, slender, bearing one or two perfect flowers, which are large and showy, yellow, spotted with orange; pods chiefly produced by minute, imperfect flowers, of which there are several with the perfect ones. - Touch-me-not. - Moist woods and shady places. Fl. July to September.

I. fulva: annual; closely resembling the last, but the flowers are deeper orange-colour, spotted with reddish-brown, and the spur is very closely bent back upon the calyx. - On the Wey, and some other streams in Surrey. Fl. July, August.

[Euonymus and Rhamnus, late spring or early summer-flowering genera described at p. 90, will be found included in the summary at p. 55.J