* Flowers purple.

M. sativa: stem erect, 1-1 1/2 foot high; leaves trifoliolate; leaflets obovate-oblong, dentate above; flowers almost always violet or blue; pod spirally twisted so as to form 2-3 complete rings or coils. - Lucerne. - Borders of fields, scarcely naturalized. Fl. June, July.

** Flowers yellow.

M. lupulina: annual; stems 1-2 feet long, branching at the base, spreading, hairy; stipules broad, shortly toothed; leaflets obovate; peduncles longer than the leaves, bearing a compact raceme or oblong head of very small bright yellow flowers; pods small, black when ripe, curved almost into a complete spire, containing a single seed. - Nonsuch. - Pastures and waste places; cultivated. Fl. May to August.

M. maculata: annual; stems 1/2-1 foot long, spreading, branched at the base, glabrous; stipules toothed; leaflets triangular-obcordate, with usually a dark spot in the centre; flowers 1-4 in the raceme; pod with 3-4 spires, edged with two rows of fine curved prickles. - Cultivated and waste places. Fl. May to August.