N. Glechoma: stems creeping and rooting; leaves orbicular crenate; flowers blue, in axillary whorls of about 6, the corolla-tube twice as long as the calyx. - Ground Ivy or Ale-hoof. - Hedge-banks. Fl. April, May.

(72) Lamium. Dead Nettle. * Annuals, with small flowers in terminal leafy whorls.

L. amplexicaule: lower leaves long-stalked orbicular, upper floral ones closely sessile, deeply crenate; flowers in 1-2-3 whorls, purplish-red, with a slender tube. - Henbit. - Sandy fields. Fl. March to June.

L. purpureum: lower leaves long-stalked orbicular, upper floral ones crowded, shortly stalked, ovate or triangular, often pointed; flowers dull purplish-red, the corolla-tube broader and more open than in the last. - Red Dead-Nettle. - Waste and cultivated ground, common. Fl. April to October.

Var. incisum: upper leaves deeply cut. - Waste ground.

** Perennials, with large flowers in axillary whorls.

L. album: leaves heart-shaped, strongly serrated, hairy; flowers numerous, elongated, white. - White Dead-Nettie. - Waste ground. Fl. May, June.

L. Galeobdolon: leaves stalked, ovate, toothed; flowers yellow. - Archangel. - Groves and hedges. Fl. May.