L. corniculatus: stems decumbent or ascending, 1/2-2 feet long; leaflets obovate, pointed, the stipules ovate; peduncles much longer than the leaves; umbels of 5-10 bright yellow flowers, the standard often red on the outside; calyx-teeth about the length of the tube, the two upper ones converging. - Meadows and pastures. Fl. June to September. A very variable plant. Mr. Bentham places the following as a mere variety of it:

L. major: stem 1-3 feet high, ascending or nearly erect, glabrous or slightly hairy, luxuriant in all its parts; leaflets obovate; stipules roundish-ovate; flowers 6-12 in the umbel calyx-teeth spreading like a star, the upper ones diverging. - Moist meadows and bushy places. Fl. July, August.

{76) Vicia. Vetch.

* Peduncles short, few-flowered; calyx gibbous at the base on one side.

V. sepium: stems 1-2 feet high, weak, straggling, but scarcely climbing; stipules small, entire, or larger and toothed; leaflets 4-6 pairs, ovate or oblong, the leafstalk tendrilled; flowers smallish, light reddish-purple, 2-4 in the axils of the upper leaves, forming a sessile cluster or very short raceme; style with a dense tuft of hairs under the stigma on the outer side, with a few short hairs on the opposite side; pod glabrous; seeds few. - Woods, shady places, and hedges. Fl. June to August.

** Peduncles elongated, many-flowered. † Calyx gibbous at the base.

V. Cracca: stems weak, climbing by means of branched tendrils, to the length of 2-3 feet or more, hairy, or nearly glabrous; stipules narrow and entire; leaflets numerous, oblong or linear; flowers numerous, in one-sided racemes, on peduncles rather longer than the leaves, of a fine bluish-purple; style hairy all round below the stigma; pod flattened, glabrous. - Hedges and bushy places. Fl. June to August.

V. sylvatica: stems 6-8 feet long, glabrous, climbing; stipules deeply divided at their base; leaflets usually 8-10 pairs, oblong, or the lower ones ovate, obtuse or notched at the top; flowers considerably longer than in the last, white with bluish streaks, drooping in long racemes; pod glabrous, broad. - Woods and bushy places. Fl. June to August.

†† Calyx equal at the base.

V. tetrasperma: annual; stems glabrous or nearly so, weak, often climbing, 1/2-2 feet long; leaflets narrow, the lower ones obtuse, 3-6 pairs, the tendrils simple or branched; peduncles slender, with 1-7 small pale bluish flowers; calyx-teeth much shorter than the standard; pod flat, containing 4, sometimes 5-6 seeds. - Smooth Tare. - Fields, hedges, and waste places. Fl. June to August.

V. hirsuta: annual; stems hairy, slender, 1-3 feet long, often climbing, the tendrils branched; stipules small, narrow, often divided; leaflets small, oblong, 6-8 pairs; peduncles slender, with very few, usually 2-3, insignificant, pale blue flowers, the calyx-teeth almost as long as the standard; pod flat, hairy, containing two seeds. - Hairy Tare. - Hedges, cornfields, and waste places. Fl. June to August. [See also p. 51.]