U. montana: tree; leaves obovate cuspidate, doubly coarse-toothed, scabrous; flowers in dense clusters before the leaves, reddish, succeeded by the flat winged fruits, slightly notched at the top, the seed-bearing cavity considerably below the notch. - Wych or Witch Elm. - Woods and hedges. Fl. March, April.

U. campestris: tree; leaves smaller, rhomboid-ovate, acuminate, oblique at the base, doubly coarse-toothed, scabrous; flowers as in the former; fruits deeply notched almost to the cavity of the seeds. - English Elm. - Hedges. Fl. March, April.

(76) Asarum. Asarabacca. A. europaeum: stems short; leaves about two, roundish, heart-shaped or kidney-shaped, smooth; flowers terminal, solitary, on recurved stalks, dull greenish-brown, bell-shaped, three-cleft. - Mountainous woods. Fl. May.