* Flowers bluish-purple.

A. hypoglottis: stem prostrate, branching at the base, 2-6 inches long, slightly hairy; stipules free from the leafstalk, more or less united together on the opposite side of the stem; leaflets usually 10-12 pairs, with an odd one; flowers bluish-purple, in short spikes, on long axillary peduncles; calyx erect, downy, with short black hairs; pod ovoid, hairy. - Dry hilly pastures. Fl. June, July.

** Flowers dull yellow.

A. glycyphyllos: glabrous; stems zigzag, spreading along the ground to the length of two feet or more; stipules free; leaflets in 5-6 pairs, ovate; flowers dingy yellow, in racemes rather shorter than the leaves; pods erect, curved, glabrous. - Dry, open woods, and bushy places. Fl. June.