S. Ulmaria: stems erect, rather stout, 2-3 feet high, glabrous, reddish; leaves large, interruptedly pinnate, with 5-9 ovate or broadly-lanceolate, irregularly-toothed segments, green above, soft and whitish beneath, the terminal one deeply divided into three, besides several smaller segments along the common stalk; stipules broad, toothed; flowers small, yellowish-white, sweet-scented, numerous, in compound corymbose cymes at the summit of the stems; capsules 5-8, very small, more or less spirally twisted. - Meadow-sweet. - Meadows and banks of streams. Fl. June to August.

S. Filipendula: stems erect, 1-2 feet high; leaves chiefly radical, 3-5 inches long, with numerous small, oval, oblong or lanceolate segments, deeply toothed or pinnately lobed, green, glabrous; stipules broad, adhering to the leafstalk nearly their whole length; flowers creamy white, often tipped with red; carpels 6-12, not twisted. - Dropwort. - Meadows, pastures, and open woods. Fl. June, July.