G. urbanum: stem erect, slightly branched, 1-2 feet high; stipules large and leaflike, coarsely toothed; leaves interruptedly pinnate, with several large segments intermixed with small ones, the upper ones ternate, all coarsely-toothed; flowers erect, small, yellow; carpels in a close, sessile head, covered with silky hairs, the awn curved downwards, with a minute hook at the tip. - Herb Bennet. - Roadsides, banks, and margins of woods. Fl. June to August.

G. rivale: stems erect or ascending, usually simple; leaves mostly radical, with one large, orbicular, terminal segment, coarsely toothed or lobed, and a few very small segments below; flowers few, drooping, dull purple; carpels very hairy, in a shortly-stalked globular head. - Marshes and wet ditches. - Fl. June, July.