* Stamens in five bundles.

H. Androssemum: stem two feet high, shrubby, compressed, two-edged; leaves cordate-ovate, with a strong aromatic smell when rubbed; flowers large, in terminal cymes, yellow, the sepals unequal, subcordate-ovate, the petals oval, obtuse. - Tutsan. - Hedges and thickets. Fl. July to September.

** Stamens in three bundles. H. perforatum: stem erect, 1-2 feet high, two-edged; leaves elliptic-oblong or linear-oblong, with pellucid dots; flowers small, yellow; sepals erect, lanceolate, acute, denticulate near the apex; petals obliquely-oblong. - St. John's-wort. - Thickets and hedges. Fl. July to September.